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I’ve Been Here Before

It’s a season of second chances. I walk into a classroom, a courtroom or a conference room and the images form a flashback sharper than any déjà vu, instantly knot my stomach, pucker my jaws and send my heart racing. In an instant, I’m emotionally ripped from the premise of […]

6 Lessons from the Catwalk

When I refer to the Catwalk, I’m talking about a log suspended 30 feet high between two fir trees at Camp Tilikum in Newberg, Oregon. Last Tuesday, Sept 19th, I met 18 new friends in my Leadership Newberg cohort (through the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce) at Tilikum for ice-breaking […]

And a spot in the newsletter . . .

Thank you Suzanne Miller with Newberg Noon Rotary for the thoughtful recap in the August 28th newsletter! Shannon began her talk with the lovely Mary Oliver poem, “The Journey.”  And what a journey she has been on. “I was built for hard things,” she said, “and I wouldn’t trade mine […]

My Rotary Classification Talk

I had been “dating” Rotary for about 2 years before I decided to commit. My attraction started when I’d caught glimpses of local Rotarians volunteering, endowing, gifting, granting and leading in successful business. My interest grew as I started to see so much overlap of Rotarians between committees, non-profits and […]

Friendsview Vespers

Vespers. A time of evening prayer and reflection. Sunday afternoon, I spent 45 minutes with the Friendsview Retirement community in Newberg, speaking on behalf of Newberg Area Habitat for Humanity as the guest speaker for their Vespers service. Even though I anticipate the looks of surprise in my audience when […]